GHC 6.0.1 build on Mac OS X

Gregory Wright
Sat, 26 Jul 2003 18:00:17 -0400

> When you say "6.01" from cvs, you are probably referring to the STABLE 
> branch of the CVS. The stable branch will be released as "GHC 6.0.1" 
> in a few days.
> My copy reports 6.0.1 throughout, where does it say 6.1?
> On the other hand, the HEAD branch of the CVS will be released as GHC 
> 6.2 in a few months (?); in the meantime, it should advertise itself 
> as GHC 6.1.

This all makes sense now---I had built an earlier version off the HEAD, 
and another off the 6_0
branch. Both worked OK.

The case of my powerbook is running at 35 C all of the time from all 
the building it's doing.

Best Wishes,