Simon Peyton-Jones
Wed, 23 Jul 2003 08:00:25 +0100

We have a New Plan for the threaded RTS, which is stable, I think.
Wolfgang Thaller is going to (a) write it up (or, rather, tidy up the
existing design sketches) and (b) implement it in GHC (which is mostly
done). But he's been busy recently.  I'm sure that a chorus of hungry
users would encourage him!

The main thing the New Plan covers is the idea of a "bound thread", so
that you can guarantee which OS thread will perform a foreign call; I
think the lack of this guarantee is what breaks HOpenGL at the moment.
The idea is that "threaded-rts" would be the default.

I'm not sure it's worth making a threaded-rts variant distribution right
now, given that we'd just throw it away later.  But you're welcome to

Wolfgang, do you have a timescale in mind?


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| Hi all,
| I've had a request for --enable-threaded-rts support in the Debian
| packages, but I don't want to just build with it as then HOpenGL can't
| be used.
| My hope was that I could share most files and just have a different
| binary or something for the threaded-rts (it would be even better if a
| threaded-rts enabled binary could have it disabled by a +RTS flag, but
| don't think this is possible?).
| However, various .hi, .a files and HSrts.o also seem to differ. So is
| the best way forward to create two completely separate packages?
| Thanks
| Ian
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