Bug in GHC 5.04.2 for Mac OS X

Ashley Yakeley ashley@semantic.org
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 20:10:35 -0800

At 2002-12-08 02:52, Wolfgang Thaller wrote:

>A Mac OS X installer package is now available at

I seem to be having trouble with 'foreign import ccall "wrapper"' 
functions. It was crashing in combination with the Java VM: examination 
with gdb revealed that the function created with 'foreign import ccall 
"wrapper"' was changing register r13, and it looks like the JVM code that 
called it was expecting r13 to be preserved.

This appears to be a bug in GHC for Mac OS X.

$ ghc --version
The Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System, version 5.04.2
$ uname -a
Darwin Ashley-Yakeleys-Computer.local. 6.3 Darwin Kernel Version 6.3: Sat 
Dec 14 03:11:25 PST 2002; root:xnu/xnu-344.23.obj~4/RELEASE_PPC  Power 
Macintosh powerpc

Ashley Yakeley, Seattle WA