ghc/cygwin filename resolution issue.

Alex Ferguson
Fri, 31 Jan 2003 01:16:02 +0000 (GMT)

> Alex
> As Simon M says, if you (or anyone else) felt able to write up a
> standalone summary
> of what the problem is, and what the solution is, I'd love to add it to
> the GHC
> FAQ or documentation somewhere.  In my experience, simply explaining the
> problem
> clearly is quite tricky. (E.g. the cygwin vs mingw issues, described in
> the Building Guide,
> took me ages to understand well enough to write down.)
> Simon

I'll definitely defer to Claus on this one.  I'm still "working through
the issues" in places, but I don't yet have anything coherent to add.

(This was all motivated, btw, by trying to build HaXml under ghc/cygwin,
which fell for me at the first hurdle of "first catch your hmake" in the
recipe.  I've now gotten as far as a _build_ of hmake, but it then runs
into similar issues with its own use of the f/s (rc files and what-not).
If anyone has this one down pat already, they might save my tired brain
some pain, otherwise I'll summarise to the list if and when I get some
sort of resolution myself.)