ghc/cygwin filename resolution issue.

Simon Peyton-Jones
Thu, 30 Jan 2003 21:52:03 -0000


As Simon M says, if you (or anyone else) felt able to write up a
standalone summary
of what the problem is, and what the solution is, I'd love to add it to
the GHC
FAQ or documentation somewhere.  In my experience, simply explaining the
clearly is quite tricky. (E.g. the cygwin vs mingw issues, described in
the Building Guide,
took me ages to understand well enough to write down.)


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| Subject: Re: ghc/cygwin filename resolution issue.
| Thanks to all for the replies;  Hal's resolution rings a=20
| bell, now that I think about it, from Ye Olde Days when=20
| cygwin was a ghc pre-req -- just didn't think of it when=20
| installing more recently on a new machine.  (Install in=20
| haste, repent at leisure.)  Claus' suggestion about relative=20
| paths does the ticket, though:  didn't occur to me as the=20
| paths were being generated by a configure script, but yes, it=20
| was possible to override them, which works as advertised.
| Cheers,
| Alex.
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