ANNOUNCE - "HOC" - Haskell to Objective C binding for Mac OS X

Wolfgang Thaller
Thu, 2 Jan 2003 14:56:52 +0100

My first experiment with Template Haskell is available for download 
(16KB) at:

HOC --- Haskell to Objective C

This is a first development snapshot of HOC, an experimental Haskell 
binding to Apple's Objective C runtime on Mac OS X.

It is intended to be used in order to access the "Cocoa" API for 
writing graphical user interfaces entirely in Haskell.

HOC relies on Template Haskell to achieve its goals and therefore 
requires a prerelease GHC 5.05 (from CVS) in order to run. No 
additional code-generating tools are required.

You can:
*) create objects
*) send messages
*) define classes

Not yet supported:
*) floating-point parameters
*) messages to super
*) ghci (the ghci Linker doesn't currently load Objective-C object 

Other disappointments:
*) Memory management of Objective C objects has to be done manually.
*) You have to declare Cocoa classes, selectors and their types first, 
they are not predefined.

Compile using

and run by double-clicking the Test application or by typing

If you double-click the Test application before compiling, the Finder 
will report an "unexpected error" (because the wrapper doesn't 
contain a binary).

(C) 2003 Wolfgang Thaller
Permission is granted to use it for any purpose you like. It is 
provided AS IS, there are absolutely no warranties.

Have fun!

Wolfgang Thaller