linker errors

A.P. Rao
Mon, 4 Aug 2003 05:11:04 -0700 (PDT)

The code is hand-written and the maximum tuple-size
used is 4. It works fine in Hugs. It uses the Parsec
library (not the version in GHC's "text" package, but
from a local copy. The ParsecPrim.hs was replaced by
the version from Parsec's web-site -- it works as I
expected, but not the one distributed with GHC or

The code makes straight-forward use of Parsec
combinators for parsing ASN.1, and I can't see a
nesting of anything close to 62 mutually recursive

If there is a "readme" type of document that explains
the names and the tables generated in the ".hc" files,
it may help me track down what construct is causing
this problem.  Right now, I can't recognize anything
in the lines surrounding the place where this
DataziTuple_Z73T_con_info symbol is used in the ".hc"

A.P. Rao.
--- Simon Peyton-Jones <> wrote:
> One of GHC's infelicities is that it only supports
> tuples up to a
> certain size -- currently 62.
> You just can't get bigger tuples. Your program uses
> a 73-tuple.  My
> guess is that your code is generated by some other
> program that's
> generating big tuples?
> The only workaround is to nest your tuples.
> It would really be much better if GHC complained in
> the front end about
> over-size tuples.  I'll fix that.  The "real" fix
> (arbitrary size
> tuples) isn't really hard, but it involves real work
> so we keep
> postponing it on the gounds that it seldom bites. 
> So please continue to
> say if it bites you, so that we know.  
> It used to be the case that simply having a nest of
> more than 62
> mutually-recursive functions would trigger this bug,
> but that should no
> longer be the case with 6.0.  Please say if that is
> happening.
> Simon

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