Modifying the simplifier

Simon Peyton-Jones
Fri, 4 Apr 2003 16:36:04 +0100

Hmm.  Some transformations are controlled by individual flags, but not
all.  I'm afraid there's no substitute here for checking out the code
and looking at it.  If you get stuck I'll try to help


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| Is there an easy way to turn off some of the local transformations in
| the simplifier?
| The background:
| I'm writing my master thesis about compiling the unsafePerformIO in a
| way
| in the ghc. For that I used a nondeterministic semantics which
simulates the
| IO.
| After a lot of theoretical work it has pointed out, that some of the
| transformations
| of the ghc are no longer correct (from my point of view). Now I want
| implement a prototype by
| modifying the ghc. Especially the eta-expansion, case-elimination must
| turned off,
| inling in general is'nt correct too, so I would like to turn it off
for now
| and
| later modify the implementation for this transformation.
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