Newbie building GHC

Simon Marlow
Mon, 23 Sep 2002 10:09:31 +0100

> I have been trying to build GHC, but the ghc.exe that gets built for=20
> ghc-inplace always exits with "Error 1". It *can* print its version=20
> number and the help, but building anything fails. The build fails=20
> making Adjustor.o from Adjustor.c.
> I'm trying to build a cvs checkout fpconfig ghc hslibs on Win XP Pro,=20
> bootstrapping with the provided GHC 5.04.1 binary and Happy=20
> 1.13 binary.
> I mentioned this to a colleague and he said he had exactly the same=20
> problem (ghc exits with error 1), on Windows and Linux, when building=20
> from source tarballs and CVS. We don't normally have any problems=20
> running the GHC binaries.
> Can any of you suggest what we might be doing wrong? We are in the=20
> southern hemisphere, so our electrons may be orbiting backwards.

:-)  I've never seen this myself, I'm afraid.  If you have a Linux build
which behaves in the same way, could you try stracing it (i.e. prepend
'strace' to the command which fails) and send us the output?