Serguey Zefirov Serguey Zefirov <sz@uc.ru>
Tue, 17 Sep 2002 16:57:46 -0700

Hello glasgow-haskell-users,

  First, it would be good to have examples somewhere around ObjectIO
  main page. I've figured out how to download source code for examples
  only after third or fourth try.
  I know, that the question about examples and source code should be
  directed to the author, but it seem to be unreachable from behind
  our firewall for some unknown reason.

  Also, package.conf says:
    {name = "objectio",
     import_dirs = ["$libdir/imports/ObjectIO"],
  but directory $libdir/imports/ObjectIO contains no ObjectIO.hi file!
  It contains, however, Graphics/UI and only there floats ObjectIO.hi.
  So the only example I've downloaded fails.
  Even "import ObjectIO.Graphics.UI.ObjectIO" instead "import
  ObjectIO" couldn't help.

  It seem... unfair to me. ;)

Best regards,
 Serguey                          mailto:sz@uc.ru
Also, I cannot access cvs from behind our firewall, and there is no
source archive to build from. Otherwise I wouldn't write such a
complaining letter.