Weird Activation Records (Fixed!)

Simon Marlow
Thu, 7 Mar 2002 09:44:04 -0000

> If got the mangler to produce working code at least in some cases - I=20
> still have to chase after a segfault in one larger program that I=20
> tried to compile.

That's great news!

> Due too my lack of Perl knowledge, I didn't yet manage to remove the=20
> jumps from the slow to the fast entry points, and a function called=20
> __DISCARD__ must be present for linking (it's never called, though).
> Should the old PowerPC code in the mangler be kept there? It assumes=20
> a slightly different assembler dialect and a completely different=20
> linker, and as it just asks for $TargetPlatform =3D~ =
> it keeps getting in the way...

Sure, by all means remove this code.  It hasn't been used for years, and
we can always resurrect it from the repository if necessary.