"ignoring polymorphic case..."

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 17:22:28 +0100

> WARNING: ignoring polymorphic case in interpreted mode.
>    Possibly due to strict polymorphic/functional constructor args.
>    Your program may leak space unexpectedly.
> warning in GHCi (5.04).  I'm used to getting this when I have=20
> a datatype
> with strict arguments, but the only data type I have in this=20
> module (and
> it doesn't import any of my own modules) is:
> newtype GArray s key elt =3D GA ((STRef s (Int, STArray s Int=20
> (key, elt))))
> should I be worried?

These might also crop up as a result of using seq.  Don't be worried
unless you are using seq on purpose to avoid space leaks or to force
(unsafe) I/O to happen.  The warning essentially means that the seq is
being ignored by GHCi because of an implementation wibble.