"ignoring polymorphic case..."

Ch. A. Herrmann herrmann@fmi.uni-passau.de
Wed, 31 Jul 2002 18:22:40 +0200


>>>>> "Hal" == Hal Daume, <Hal> writes:

    Hal> I'm getting the WARNING: ignoring polymorphic case in
    Hal> interpreted mode.  Possibly due to strict
    Hal> polymorphic/functional constructor args.  Your program may leak
    Hal> space unexpectedly.

    Hal> warning in GHCi (5.04).  I'm used to getting this when I have a
    Hal> datatype with strict arguments, but the only data type I have
    Hal> in this module (and it doesn't import any of my own modules)
    Hal> is:

    Hal> newtype GArray s key elt = GA ((STRef s (Int, STArray s Int
    Hal> (key, elt))))

    Hal> should I be worried?

I don't think so, concerning the interpreter, since the constructor args
of a newtype are always strict (for efficiency reason) and in your
example they are polymorphic too.
However, you may worry about space leaks, as the message tells.

Good luck!