Docs missing?

Simon Marlow
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 11:42:10 +0100

The RPMs of documentation are currently not quite right - they don't
contain any of the Haddock-generated docs or the index.html that ties it
all together.  We know about the problem, but no-one has had the time
(or in my case, the RPM-savvyness) to fix it yet.

Michael Weber said:

> In the ghc5-doc Debian packages these files live under:
> 	/usr/share/doc/ghc5-doc/html/users_guide/
> To install the html docs I used:
>         $(MAKE) -C build-stage$(MAXSTAGE) \
>                 install-docs \
>                 prefix=3D$(CURDIR)/$(destdir)/$(prefix) \
> datadir=3D$(CURDIR)/$(destdir)/$(prefix)/share/doc/$(package)
> =09
> with 'SGMLDocWays=3D"html dvi ps"' in mk/

Yes, that's the right way to do it.  The docs are now set up so that
when installed properly you should get an index.html in
$(datadir)/ghc-5.04/html which points to the rest of the HTML docs.

> Unfortunately, the link does not work here either, since the file
> users-guide.html is named book1.html :( .  But that's another=20
> problem, I think, and likely related to docbook-utils.

Hmm, that's rather unfortunate.  I think we might have to include some
more conditional bits in so that the links point to the
right place in the case when the DocBook output ends up in book1.html
instead of users_guide.html.

> Unless anyone objects, I'll delay fixed Debian packages until=20
> 5.04.1 is released.

No problem.