ANNOUNCE: GHC version 5.04 released

Simon Marlow
Mon, 22 Jul 2002 11:32:10 +0100

> I've patched up an install script for OpenBSD users of GHC who:
>         -  would like to install it somewhere other than /usr/local
>         -  do not have root priviledges on their machine
> Note that uninstallation must be by hand if you use this script, as we
> bypass the pkg system.

Could this be done using GHC's normal binary distribution mechanism?  In
a build tree you do the following:

  - add the line 'BIN_DIST=3D1' to mk/
  - build everything (inc. profiling libraries if required)
  - say 'make binary-dist Project=3DGhc' at the top level
  - tar up the contents of ghc-5.04 and ship it

this gives you a tarball which can be unpacked and used in-place or
installed elsewhere in the filesystem.