package name mismatch

George Russell
Wed, 17 Jul 2002 18:27:03 +0200

Simon Marlow wrote:
> > It must have been only a warning in 5.02.3, or I could never have
> > compiled it there.  (Before 5.02.3 we didn't use the package
> > system like this at all.)
> Can't you just fix your build so that the situation doesn't occur?
In fact I have been unable to reproduce the problem with ghc5.04 anyway.
My guess would be that GHC now searches the package directories before the
current directory.  So we're all happy, unless someone wants to override a 
module in an imported package.  Even then a better solution would be to
write another package containing the altered module, and put it first in
the search path.

Is the order in which GHC looks for imported modules specified anywhere?