new RTS interface problem with ghc-5.04

Tue, 16 Jul 2002 10:47:51 +0100

I have just moved to ghc-5.04 to try the threaded runtime, however
some code I have to do dynaminc module loading using the rts linker will not
compile, failing with:

RtsAPIDeprec.o undefined reference to Addr_Azh_con_info (in rts_mkAddr)

this symbol appears to be defined in libHSlang.a, and I have a -syslib lang
in the compile command... what's wrong here?

secondly, if this interface is deprecated, (I presume this is something to
do with the FFI?) where am I using rts_mkAddr and rts_getAddr, would that be
in addrToHValue, and if so what is the non-deprecated way of doing this?

	Keean Schupke
	Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering,
	Imperial College.