Ticky-ticky profiling (was: GHC 5.02.2 installation/compilationproblems)

Simon Marlow simonmar@microsoft.com
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 13:51:16 -0000

> On Fri, 25 Jan 2002, Nicholas Nethercote wrote:
> > > > Also, when I try to compile for ticky-ticky profiling...
> Further in the ticky-ticky adventure...
> Having compiled the libraries and RTS and other bits for=20
> ticky-ticky, when
> I try the -ticky option with ghc I get loads of messages like this at
> link-time:
> /homes/njn25/ws/build/ghc/driver/../rts/libHSrts_t.a(GC.t_o):=20
> In function `threadSqueezeStack':
> GC.t_o(.text+0x2fe0): undefined reference to=20
> GC.t_o(.text+0x3010): undefined reference to `LDV_recordCreate'
> GC.t_o(.text+0x304d): undefined reference to `LDV_recordCreate'

It looks like ticky-ticky has rotted a bit.  Some calls to
LDV_recordDead_FILL_SLOP_DYNAMIC() and LDV_recordCreate() in Storage.h
need to be additionally wrapped in #ifdef TICKY_TICKY.  There may be

If you send me a patch, I'll commit it.