Multiply Recursive Modules

Simon Peyton-Jones
Fri, 25 Jan 2002 05:40:43 -0800

We discussed this and yes it seems like a fine idea.  Thanks.
We should have thought of it ages ago.

Not sure how fast we'll implement it, but it's on the list.


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| Subject: Multiply Recursive Modules
| Writing .hi-boot files is a pain, and "the works" (allegedly)=20
| containing a compiler which=20
| does mutually recursive modules properly seem permanently=20
| gummed up.  Therefore may I suggest a new .hs-boot suffix=20
| which compiles Haskell to produce just a .hi-boot file?  I=20
| already have two .hs-boot files (except I call them .boot.hs=20
| to make ghc happy) and they seem to work reasonably well.
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