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Volker Stolz Volker Stolz <>
Mon, 11 Feb 2002 10:53:10 +0100

In local.glasgow-haskell-users, you wrote:
> suppose i want to write a stupid ftp client, i want to connect to the ftp
> server, wait for it to give it's intro stuff (welcome to blah,
> username: ) and then it wants input.  how do i do something like this?
>> connect cfg = withSocketsDo $ 
>>     do h <- connectTo (remoteAddr cfg) (Service (remoteType cfg))
>>        hWaitForInput h 1000
>>        s <- readWhileAvailable h
>>        return s

Why don't you use hGetLine? FTP is line based, so you just have
to loop until there's no dash in the response.
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