gcc 3

Sven Moritz Hallberg pesco@gmx.de
22 Aug 2002 22:52:39 +0200


can anybody say something about support for gcc 3 as a backend to GHC? I
heard from Ralf (see Cc) that it currently does not work. What is the
cause of this, and will it be fixed? The reason it's coming up is that
Gentoo Linux is slowly moving towards a release with GCC 3.2 as its
default compiler. A parallel install of GCC 2 will be supported, but
depending on it would of course not be as nice as one would like.

Also, I assume the old 4.08 .hc files from which we're bootstrapping
can't be compiled by GCC 3 either. Will you produce a new set once the
compiler supports GCC 3? I guess I could try to produce one myself
otherwise, though.

Sven Moritz

PS: If you would like to mention GHC 5.04's availability in Gentoo, you
now finally can. The new ebuild has been tested and unmasked in the
official distribution.