Hardware STG?

MR K P SCHUPKE k.schupke@ic.ac.uk
Wed, 21 Aug 2002 16:32:14 +0100

    I am looking into starting a project on special hardware to run 
haskell - (or perhapse any
lazy functional hardware)... If I go ahead the project will result in an 
open VHDL implementation.  I would like to ask a couple of questions.
    Is there any point in doing this as the STG-machine is designed to 
make running haskell
        efficient on standard hardware?

    is TCode and the byte code used by GHCi the same?

    finally, does anyone know of any implementations that have already 
been attempted,
        and how successful were they? Any general comments on how 
worthwhile this might

    Keean Schupke
    Department of Electrical & Electronic Engineering,
    Imperial College London.