adding package

Serge D. Mechveliani
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 12:42:07 +0400

Dear  ghc  (5.02.2),

For the fist time you are installed on our Linux machine to the 
system area. And I discover two points.
You are in Debian-Linux distribution!
Hence, it is easy to install GHC as regular, 
without fighting with library versions etc., 
by asking administrator to intall a Debian package.
So, we'll wait for 5.02.3,... to appear in Debian-Linux distribution.

As you have come to the system area, my application cannot install.
Makefile creates the package  docon  and commands 

                     ghc-pkg -a ...

 "you don't have permission to modify the package configuration file
  make: *** [init] Error 1

Something like a package configuration is visible at 


Does my  `ghc-pkg -a ...'  try to modify this file?
I am not a system user, have not right to modify it. 
Please, what is the regular way out?
Maybe, this package.conf should be installed indifferent place
(in what way?).
How does the user add a package?

Thank you in advance for the explanation.

Serge Mechveliani