Happy 1.11 binaries for OpenBSD i386

Donald Bruce Stewart dons@cse.unsw.edu.au
Wed, 10 Apr 2002 18:20:31 +1000

    I've finished a binary package and a port of Happy-1.11 to OpenBSD
    i386. The binary package (296k) can be ftp'd from:


    This can be installed with the command (as root):

      pkg_add happy-1.11.tgz

    You can remove the package with:

      pkg_delete happy-1.11

    If you want to see how the package was built, or just like building
    from source, an OpenBSD ports system "port" is also available:


    Making sure you have a reasonably recent OpenBSD ports tree on the
    system, and a recent version of GHC installed, download the port to
    a convenient place and:

        tar xvzf happy-1.11-port.tgz
        cd happy

    then, as root:
        make && make install

    You can uninstall this with pkg_delete, as above. Note that you will
    need gmake to do the build. If you need GHC there is a binary
    package of GHC 4.08.2 available from:

    Send any bugs or suggestions to me at <dons@cse.unsw.edu.au>.