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Fri, 14 Sep 2001 00:28:51 -0700

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In the next few days we'll release GHC 5.02.

The Windows version of that will not require any version of cygwin;=20
it comes complete, and you don't need to install anything else to make
it work.  (Nor does it mind if you have some version of cygwin
a surprisingly difficult criterion to satisfy, given Window's DLL

So I suggest you wait a few days.  I do mean days and not weeks!
(There is a slightly experimental Windows binary download you can try
I enclose the message announcing it.)

I'm not certain whether HOpen/GL has 'caught up' to GHC 5.02, but I'm
it will shortly, and any differences will be of the trivial kind.


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| From: Clifford Beshers []=20
| Sent: 14 September 2001 04:14
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| Subject: ghc/HopenGL/cygwin/W2K
| I'm trying to get to the point where I can use ghc and OpenGL=20
| under Windows 2000.  Unfortunately, I'm lost in a maze of=20
| version numbers.
| I had cygwin-1.3.2 installed, I think, which did not match=20
| the 1.3.1 used in the ghc-4.08 package.  I tried to install=20
| cygwin 1.3.1, but got 1.3.3 instead.  Nowhere can I find a=20
| course for 1.3.1.  Nor can I find 5.00.2 compiled for=20
| Windows, though there is some mention of W2K support in the=20
| documentation.
| Can anyone provide me with a recent road map?  I don't mind=20
| compiling everything, if that's what it takes, I just feel=20
| I'm wandering in the wilderness.
| Thanks,
| Clifford Beshers
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Subject: New InstallShield: GHCi 5.01 "Borag Thungg"
Date: Thu, 19 Jul 2001 09:00:20 -0700
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From: "Reuben Thomas" <>
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I've updated the test Windows InstallShield of GHCi 5.01 available from

(There's no link to it on the web site)

In case you missed the previous announcement, this is a test release, =
seems fairly stable (I use it all the time). It has the following

* GHCi: now you can use GHC interpretively under Windows. You can just =
  the InstallShield, and double-click on GHCi to get going.

* Complete install: everything you need to use GHC is included; Cygwin =
  no longer required; also, unlike recent 4.08.2 releases, it doesn't
  interfere with any Cygwin installation you may already have

Changes from the previous test release, "Zarjaz":

* Now installs in Program Files by default (supports paths containing

* Installs the profiling libraries and imports (the previous test =
  included them, but for mysterious reasons they weren't actually

Also note that as one user found, the supplied gcc doesn't like
identifiers containing top-bit-set characters, so if you want to use =
you must use the native code generator.

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