gtk+hs and libgmp

Simon Marlow
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 15:16:06 -0000

> > That would be one solution, yes.  On your system, if you=20
> remove /usr/lib/libgmp.a (and /usr/lib/ if you have=20
> one), does it work?  You only need these files if you intend=20
> to build any software which depends on having GMP version 2,=20
> which is unlikely since GMP 3 is source-compatible with GMP 2.
> Yes, that works. Still I would opt for the renaming to avoid this
> problem in the future. It really depends on the setup of the system.
> Another question: should packages like gtk+hs not add themselves to
> package.conf, so that gtkhs-config is not needed? Or is this method
> not yet proven.

I've been discussing with Manuel how best to do this.  It's not =
straightforward, because you still want to be able to do things like =
'make install', and have several versions of gtk+hs on your system at =