gtk+hs and libgmp

Simon Marlow
Wed, 31 Oct 2001 14:49:59 -0000

> Here is the output:
> 1. Main.out from a link that succeeds.
> 2. GtkHelloWorld.out, a sample program from gtk+hs, compiled with
> ghc -v -fglasgow-exts -lgtkHS GtkHelloWorld.hs `gtkhs-config=20
> --cflags` `gtkhs-config --libs` `gtk-config --cflags`=20
> `gtk-config --libs`
> In fact, you are right, there is a -L/usr/lib before -lgmp.=20
> Maybe the libgmp.a included
> with ghc should be renamed, for example  libgmp_ghc.a

That would be one solution, yes.  On your system, if you remove =
/usr/lib/libgmp.a (and /usr/lib/ if you have one), does it =
work?  You only need these files if you intend to build any software =
which depends on having GMP version 2, which is unlikely since GMP 3 is =
source-compatible with GMP 2.