ghc compiled program crashes

Julian Seward (Intl Vendor)
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 01:55:43 -0800


| from time to time ghc compiled programs simply crash on
| my windows2000 without any meaningfull error message. I guess=20
| this has something to do with storage management (I vaguely=20
| remember having read something about errors durcing gc on=20
| this list, but did not find the corresponding posts in the archive).

ghc-5.02 has a known bug on Win32 only, which causes all
programs compiled with it to die silently when the heap size
reaches 128 megabytes.  This is fixed in the upcoming 5.02.1.

You did not say what version ghc you are using or give any
other details.  If you tell us more we might be able to help