ghc --make feature request

Simon Peyton-Jones
Tue, 30 Oct 2001 00:38:24 -0800

| Note that in GHC, the "version number" of a function can=20
| often change for hard-to-spot reasons.  You just need to=20
| change (for example) the strictness properties of the=20
| function, which can be very easy to do when making changes to=20
| your code.  The compiler cares about (much) more than just=20
| the types of imported objects.  I tend to expect recompiles=20
| whenever something depends on a function I've changed, even=20
| if I don't think the changes were very significant.

But you get many many fewer such "unexpected" changes when
you do not use -O or (I believe) when you use ghci.   Reason:
without -O ghc exports only type info across module boundaries.

So I'd still
like to understand why Martin is seeing so much recompilation.