Uninstall warning...

Reuben Thomas rrt@sc3d.org
Wed, 24 Oct 2001 10:06:30 +0100

> I had GHC-4.08.1 installed in my computer (which runs under a Windows98
> platform), and then I decided to install GHC-5.00.2 (this was its latest
> version at that time). It is said that GHC-5.00.2 can co-exist with other
> versions of GHC under a Windows platform, because it does not use cygwin
> anymore.

That's true.

> At this point, everything was ok. But when I uninstalled GHC-5.00.2 (in
> order to install GHC-5.02), a lot of DLL files were removed from the "bin"
> directory of GHC-4.08.1 (ex.: HSlang.dll). I don't have any idea why this
> happened, but a lot of my programs that were compiled with GHC-4.08.1 became
> impossible to run. I had to recover the DLLs from a backup...

My guess is that this is because the two installations overlap and
therefore confuse Add/Remove Programs, perhaps because they have the
same name (which is perhaps used as a UID).

> Is this a uninstall bug?
> (ps: installing GHC-5.02 didn't bring my old DLLs back).

Indeed, because 5.x versions of GHC don't come with DLLs.

The fix is to reinstall 4.08.1 (there's a link to old versions on the
GHC download page; actually, you'll get 4.08.2).