Dumb Windows Question

Reuben Thomas rrt@dcs.gla.ac.uk
Mon, 15 Oct 2001 10:30:32 +0100

> How do I actually use ghc in Windows (98)? When I installed Hugs, my .hs
> files got associated with Hugs and if I left-click on a .hs file I have
> various options to run with.

We don't do this with GHC.

> So do I open a DOS box and invoke ghc or ghci? If so how, what do I have
> to change to get the path to point to ghc? I tried autoexec.bat but this
> seemed to have no effect.

You have to set PATH as usual (I presume that is in autoexec.bat on Windows 

> Also, how do I tell ghci where to find packages?

I suspect this problem has more to do with the bug in ghci.exe (see the 
fixed version posted by Sigbjorn; I'll be uploading a fixed InstallShield 
as soon as I can fix one or two other serious problems) than any error in 
your command line, which looks fine.

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