Sigbjorn Finne
Fri, 30 Nov 2001 12:57:33 -0800


you don't say what platform this is on (or what Fortran compiler
you're using). But, on Win32 platforms, many compilers use a
calling convention which is identical to the 'stdcall' calling convention,
so attributing your 'foreign import' declarations with "stdcall"
should get you there. At least that's the theory..

In general though, there's no built-in support in the FFI for
doing Fortran interop.


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> Hello GHC users,
> We want to reuse FORTRAN libraries within Haskell code. 
> How can we use FFI
> to implement this interface directly ? We know that we 
> can use C to
> implement it indirectly with FFI, but how can we do this 
> directly ? Any
> suggestion ?
> Thanks,
> Heron de Carvalho