Binary library

Malcolm Wallace
Thu, 22 Nov 2001 10:48:56 +0000

| > > Since the Report states that the derived Show instances only insert
| > > parentheses where needed and that the derived Read instances can
| > > read the output produced by show, I would suggest to change all
| > > occurences of {showsPrec 10,readsPrec 10} to {showsPrec 0,readsPrec 0}
| > > in the above code.
| > 
| > That seems like a reasonable suggestion, but it doesn't fix the bug.
| Could you please explain why not? It seems to work fine in my tests here,
| at least with the given example. 

Apologies.  For some reason, maybe a file version mismatch, the example
continued to fail when I first tried your solution.  That puzzled me,
because indeed your solution is correct, and the example does now work
when I run it again.