[Linux-basic-compiling]GHC-3.02 build on GHC-2.10

Rafael Martínez Torres martinez.torres@fdi.ucm.es
Wed, 21 Nov 2001 11:45:46 +0100

I apologize if this is not the correct moment-place to deal with this
old version.

I'm trying to compile the GHC-3.02 version using ghc-2.10 binaries,
happy-1.6 binaries on a i386-unknown-linux. 
In the future I would like to hack with it.

I had to modify the file ghc/run_time/main/Signals.lc because it used a
non-existing structure, named "struct sigcontext_struct" instead of
"struct sigcontext".

Main problem arise when linking. If I'm not wrong, the output from
Haskell code are "C" files. They are compiled and linked by the C
At the final linking step, the linker shows me unresolved references to
symbols: "_fxstat","_lxstat" or "__setmjmp". After inspecting the code,
on directory ghc/lib/cbits/openFile.c [...], I realized this belong to C
functions fstat(),lstat() and setjmp() . These libraries are implicitly
included by libc, I think. Any C-program links without problem,when
compiled by invoking explictly "gcc", but I seems the ghc-2.10 compiler
not to find the libc (and so his sub-components ).

Does any body suggest me what I can do to perform a good compiling ?
What parameters should I modify and where ? In directory mk ? Where

else ?