problems with haxml

Simon Marlow
Fri, 29 Jun 2001 11:42:16 +0100

> we are developing haskell programs with XML interfaces (using=20
> haxml). So=20
> far, we tested all our source files in HUGS98, which always=20
> worked fine.
> Now we have to compile them with ghc(version 4.08.2 with=20
> Cygwin in Windows=20
> NT) which causes several errors. Linking Xml2Haskell.o, XmlParse.o,=20
> XmlTypes.o etc. to it reduced the number of errors a lot. The=20
> only one that=20
> is left now is the following one:
> XmlParse.o(.text+0x20):fake: undefined reference to `__init_IOExts'

It looks like you've compiled up HaXml yourself, right?  You don't
actually need to do that - HaXml comes with GHC in package text.

But anyway, the IOExts module comes from package 'lang', which must have
been used in order to compile HaXml.  All you need to do is to add
'-package lang' to the GHC command line when linking, and GHC will link
in the correct libraries.