problems with haxml

Siemens Entwicklungsteam
Fri, 29 Jun 2001 09:15:13 -0000


we are developing haskell programs with XML interfaces (using haxml). So 
far, we tested all our source files in HUGS98, which always worked fine.
Now we have to compile them with ghc(version 4.08.2 with Cygwin in Windows 
NT) which causes several errors. Linking Xml2Haskell.o, XmlParse.o, 
XmlTypes.o etc. to it reduced the number of errors a lot. The only one that 
is left now is the following one:

XmlParse.o(.text+0x20):fake: undefined reference to `__init_IOExts'

Unfortunately this sounds pretty much chinese to us. We think linking 
IOExts.o to the file, might help - unfortunately we don't know where to find 
this object file.

We would highly appreciate any help since our realease deadline is in three 
days and we start getting nervous,



PS: We also tried to use hmake which unfortuantely always returned the error 
message: module IO not found.

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