resumeThread cannot find the thread! (GHC/HDirect)

Thu, 14 Jun 2001 00:40:45 +0900

Thank you for your detailed report!

> You need to use H/Direct 0.17, which unfortunately you have to compile
> from source. 0.16 (which I presume you're using) doesn't work with GHC
> 4.08.2.

I see.
(By the way, I said the version of H/Direct was 0.60!  Too latest...ha ha!!)

But I had many errors and `make' aborted compilation.

* After the `make boot' ihc.exe was not generated,
  so the next step `make lib' failed.
* Copying ihc.exe from H/Direct 0.60 binary release
  also failed.

...I got tired of handling GHC!

But, however, your detailed report is greatly appreciated!
I wish you will have your Haskell life more delightful!