size of interpreted code

Wed, 06 Jun 2001 15:09:33 +0400

Dear  ghc-5.00.1,

I wonder: is the interpreted code generally expected to be 
larger than compiled to  .o ?
I have certain Foo project which under  ghc-4.08  had:

  compiled Foo + compiled demo examples make  Foo-Demo.a  of 10Mb,
  and this all load and run on 32Mb RAM computer inside RAM
  (probably, 15Mb will remain for heap).

With  ghc-5.00.1, 
  the compiled   Foo.a, Foo.o  are each of  7Mb,
  ghci -package foo ...
  Prelude> :l T_
  loads the interpreted demo examples (importing Foo.o),
  and this needs more than 45Mb heap.

Recalling that  ghci  does not like strict polymorphic data fields, 
I add that the compiled part has the strict polymorphic fields like   

                        D !a !(a -> a),

but the interpreted demo programs do not have strict fields.

Serge Mechveliani