ghc5 --make question

Simon Marlow
Wed, 6 Jun 2001 10:52:41 +0100

> Hi, I'm trying to generate automatic makefiles for my project=20
> using --make.
> Unluckily it seems ghc prefers .hs over .hi. The programs=20
> require a fair
> amount of separate libraries (Tcl/Tk, a Concurrent Haskell Debugger, a
> network wrapper,...) which I currently don't have to care much about:
> I just have to provide the corresponding top-level .hi and=20
> some .a-files to
> the ghc command line for compiling.
> Is there any way to use ghc --make without having to provide=20
> access to all
> of the *source* files and make it use the pre-compiled stuff?

Yup, you have to put your pre-compiled stuff in a package.

It's a bug in 5.00.1 that it requires the source file; I've fixed it
properly in the HEAD as part of the library story, but it almost
certainly won't be backported.