Problems when mounting c: to /
Fri, 23 Feb 2001 20:53:59 +0100

Hallo everybody!

When installing ghc-4.08.2 (onWinNT) as described in the installation=20
instructions under c:, I couldn't get ghc to run.=20
It invoked the C-preprozessor and stoped after cleaning.
When I unmount c:, it works fine. (If I install cygwin and dont mount c=
: to /=20
it works fine too.)=20
But now //c/ is the normal win-root. That's not a problem for me, but h=
ow about=20
Does it depend in any way on c: mounted to /?
If not why do you want this mount (in the  installation instructions se=


PS: Thanks Reuben for the new install shield and a very big  thanks to =
all of=20
you who have their parts in getting the profiling to run under WinNT=