ANN: C->Haskell 0.8.1

Marcin 'Qrczak' Kowalczyk
16 Feb 2001 19:12:14 GMT

Fri, 16 Feb 2001 18:42:08 +1100, Manuel M. T. Chakravarty <> pisze:

> PS: With the current Gtk+HS source in CVS, all Gtk+HS
>     examples as well as the iHaskell library and its three
>     examples should now all work again.

They compile but they don't run correctly on ghc-4.11. It's because
GMarsh.writeCharOffAddr does not simulate Addr.writeCharOffAddr when
Char is wide, because instance Storable Char treats Char as wide.
You need to cast to CChar, Word8, or Int8 (be careful with sign

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