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Mon, 12 Feb 2001 07:51:46

This is the first time we have advertised this service anywhere as most of our 
clients/participants have been referred to us by word of mouth or are friends of the family 
who have benefited from our information. 

We feel it only fair, bearing in mind the enormous profit generating potential here, that we 
share this information with others and enable everyone to enjoy a better standard of living. 
This is why we have kept the fees for providing such information as low as 10. 

Our horses generate a steady profit week in week out and month in and month out. We 
have never shown a month of loss. Many tipsters nowadays have runs of good luck in 
accordance with seasonal changes. Some do well in winter others in summer, some on the 
flat and others on the jumps. We have maintained a consistent profit stream, which ensures 
that we do not have to charge exorbitant prices in order to offset any losses. We are sure 
that you will find us one of the most competitive tipping services anywhere. 

The service is launched for members only now. For more information e-mail us at 

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