questions about the installation instructions for WinNT and ghc-4.08x

Reuben Thomas
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 11:07:56 +0000 (GMT)

> In the installation instruction is under paragraph "Here's how to
> install Cygwin" written:
> 	After installation, start up a Cygwin shell and issue the following
> command:
> 		mount -f c: /
>  	assuming you installed Cygwin at C:\cygwin; otherwise change the drive
> and directory as appropriate.
> (So it definitely says / is at c: not at c:\cygwin. But later, when setting the
> environment variables it seems like it is assumed
> that / is at c:\cygwin.)

There are two things going on here:

1. You're mounting C: at / so you can refer to the whole drive with
UNIX-style paths.

2. Cygwin automatically mounts parts of its directory tree under /usr.

> In " Environment variables" is a table that says I should add C:\usr\bin
> to PATH.
> That directory does not exist. the directory C:\cygwin\usr\bin exists (assuming
> you installed Cygwin at C:\cygwin) but is empty.
> The C:\cygwin\bin directory seems to be the one meant.
> Should I add C:\cygwin\bin to PATH?

No. Add /usr/bin. Cygwin mounts \cygwin\usr\bin at /usr/bin.

> The same table says that SHELL should be C:/usr/bin/bash. (Observe the '/'
> signs instead of '\'.)
> But bash is in C:\cygwin\bin (assuming you installed Cygwin at C:\cygwin).
> Should I set SHELL to C:\cygwin\bin\bash (does it matter if I write
> C:\cygwin\bin\bash or C:/cygwin/bin/bash?)?

As above.

I think these instructions have worked for other people; my own system is in
a slightly different configuration (which for various reasons we used to

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