questions about the installation instructions for WinNT and ghc-4.08x
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 21:06:41 +0100

I have some question relating the intsallation of ghc-4.08x on a WinNT/=

In the installation instruction is under paragraph "Here's how =
install Cygwin" written:
	After installation, start up a Cygwin shell and issue the following=20
		mount -f c: /
 	assuming you installed Cygwin at C:\cygwin; otherwise change the driv=
and directory as appropriate.
(So it definitely says / is at c: not at c:\cygwin. But later, when set=
ting the=20
environment variables it seems like it is assumed
that / is at c:\cygwin.)
Is it right to mount / at c: or should it be c:\cygwin?

In " Environment variables" is a table that says I should add C:=
to PATH.
That directory does not exist. the directory C:\cygwin\usr\bin exists (=
you installed Cygwin at C:\cygwin) but is empty.
The C:\cygwin\bin directory seems to be the one meant.
Should I add C:\cygwin\bin to PATH?

The same table says that SHELL should be C:/usr/bin/bash. (Observe the =
signs instead of '\'.)
But bash is in C:\cygwin\bin (assuming you installed Cygwin at C:\cygwi=
Should I set SHELL to C:\cygwin\bin\bash (does it matter if I write=20
C:\cygwin\bin\bash or C:/cygwin/bin/bash?)?

Okay that are my questions at the moment. Any help would be appreciated=

PS:Is there still something else to observe than putting ghc into scope=
 of PATH?