Manuel M. T. Chakravarty
Thu, 08 Feb 2001 17:09:19 +1100

Reuben Thomas <> wrote,

> > packages for it.  If you have a RedHat 6.x box with an older
> > version of GHC already installed, just run
> >
> >   rpm --rebuild ghc-4.08.2-1.src.rpm
> This will only work if you install RPM 4, no? I couldn't find a way to make
> RPM 4 produce v3 RPMs, either. But never mind, I installed RPM 4, installed
> the source RPM, downgraded again to RPM 3, and am now building RH 6 RPMs,
> which I'll make available.

True.  I didn't know whether the src.rpm format also changed.

> One problem I had: the spec file doesn't have a dependency on the jade
> package, but it needs it for some DSSSL files without which the docs won't
> build.

Right - there should be a build dependency.