ghc Profiler

Simon Marlow
Fri, 10 Aug 2001 16:28:10 +0100

> Dear ghc friend or developper,
> I am using the ghc profiler to do time profiling, and sadly cannot get
> the relevant detail out of the tool.
> I compile the program using ghc -auto -caf-all -prof and get an
> exectuable. All that is fine and I can also use other compile options.
> When running, the document suggests that one uses
> +RTS -p -RTS, and again that works fine. Unfortunately it=20
> only delivers
> percentages of time, no raw ticks. So if a particluar CCS=20
> took less than
> 0.1 percent it will not occur.
> So, one should be able to use -P instead to obtain actual figures as
> well, but the resulting .prof file is identical to the -p one.
> Bug? or is it me??

No, it's a bug.  Fixed now.