Dependency Generation

Simon Marlow
Tue, 7 Aug 2001 09:28:15 +0100

> I'm getting the following error using the instructions in=20
> Dependency
> Generation.
> [dominic@r341-02 webldap]$ make depend
> ghc -M -cpp Add.hs EnvPassed.hs ParseError.hs Search.hs=20
> ASNv1.hs Counter.hs GetO
> pt.hs ParseExpr.hs StdTokenDef.hs Basev1.hs DecodeAll.hs=20
> Hello.hs ParseLib.hs Ta
> gsv1.hs CGI.hs Decode.hs HTML.hs Parser.hs TokenDef.hs=20
> CGISystem.hs Delete.hs HT
> MLWizard.hs ParseToken.hs UrlEncoded.hs Classv1.hs DoAdd.hs=20
> ldapHTML.hs Pretty.h
> s WebSite.hs CL.hs DoDelete.hs LdapTypesv2.hs QL.hs=20
> X690Utilsv2.hs Client2.hs Do
> Modify.hs Mime.hs query.hs client.hs DoSearch.hs Modify.hs=20
> Request.hs Client.hs
> Env.hs oldDecodeAll.hs Response.hs
> Basev1.hs: can't find one of the following: `Word.hi'=20
> `Word.hs' `Word.lhs'
> make: *** [depend] Error 1
> [dominic@r341-02 webldap]$                                   =20

Just add the same -package options when you use ghc -M as you would when
compiling any of the modules.  i.e. in this case adding -package lang
will help GHC find the Word module (but it won't be included in the
dependency output).