AW: Difficulties compiling hmake / HaXml

Lescher Christian
Thu, 5 Apr 2001 10:14:29 +0200

Finally I made it till the end, thanks to your very quick replies.
I hope I didn't bother you too much with all the mails.
At last I'd like to give a summary of all the changes been made to the files of the "HaXml" release. Perhaps you'll find this information usefull for further releases.

system configuration:
- Win NT 4.0
- cygwin 1.1.8
- ghc 4.08.2
- hmake 2.02 ;)
- HaXml 1.01

The Makefile and the DtdToTypesDefPP.hs were changed.

changes to Makefile:
line 51:
cd lib; hmake XmlLib.hs					changed to
cd lib; hmake XmlLib.hs -package lang

line 53:
cd lib; hmake Haskell2Xml.hs					->
cd lib; hmake Haskell2Xml.hs -package lang -package text

line 55:
cd lib; hmake Xml2Haskell.hs					->
cd lib; hmake Xml2Haskell.hs -package lang

line 61:
cd tools; hmake DtdToHaskell $(INC)
mv tools/DtdToHaskell .						->

cd tools; hmake DtdToHaskell -i../lib -package lang
mv tools/DtdToHaskell.exe .

line 65:
cd examples; hmake Canonicalise $(INC)
mv examples/Canonicalise .					->

cd examples; hmake Canonicalise -i../lib -package lang
mv examples/Canonicalise.exe .

line 69:
cd tools; hmake Xtract $(INC)
mv tools/Xtract .						->

cd tools; hmake Xtract -i../lib -package lang
mv tools/Xtract.exe .

line 74:
mv tools/DrIFT/DrIFT .						->
mv tools/DrIFT/DrIFT.exe .

changes to DtdToTypesDefPP.hs:
line 510:
commaList = hcat . intersperse comma				->
	-- commaList = hcat . intersperse comma