AW: Difficulties compiling hmake / HaXml

Malcolm Wallace
Tue, 3 Apr 2001 13:07:03 +0100

> Thanks for helping me out again. Now I made it through to the
> XML-Tools but unfortunatly they brought me another error.

> cd tools; hmake DtdToHaskell -I../lib -package text
> ghc  -package text  -I../lib  -c -o DtdToTypeDefPP.o DtdToTypeDefPP.hs
> DtdToTypeDefPP.hs:220: Data constructor not in scope: `DefaultTo'
> DtdToTypeDefPP.hs:222: Data constructor not in scope: `DefaultTo'

This indicates a clash between the version of XmlTypes.hs installed in
-package text, and the version in your source tree in directory ../lib.

Remove "-package text" from the hmake command line, and change
"-I../lib" to "-i../lib" (ghc prefers -i to -I).