[ghc-steering-committee] #380 GHC2021: Third status update

Simon Marlow marlowsd at gmail.com
Wed Dec 9 11:37:05 UTC 2020

Updated votes, resolving all my maybes:


 * yes to NamedWildCards *and* PartialTypeSignatures (these are
   actually really useful and unless someone tells me otherwise I
   don't know any reason why the language with these is less
   principled than without.  I would also -Wno-partial-type-signatures
   by default if that was in scope for GHC2021)
 * yes to TypeApplications (sure, why not)
 * all other maybes -> no (mainly just being conservative, we can
   reconsider for GHC2022 any that miss out)

## Uncontroversial extensions

BangPatterns: yes
BinaryLiterals: yes
DataKinds: yes
DeriveDataTypeable: yes
DeriveGeneric: yes
EmptyCase: yes
ExistentialQuantification: yes
FlexibleContexts: yes
FlexibleInstances: yes
GADTs: yes
GeneralisedNewtypeDeriving: yes
LambdaCase: yes
MultiParamTypeClasses: yes
MultiWayIf: yes
NoMonomorphismRestriction: yes
OverloadedStrings: yes
PatternSynonyms: yes
RankNTypes: yes
RecordWildCards: yes
ScopedTypeVariables: yes
StandaloneDeriving: yes
TupleSections: yes
TypeFamilies: yes
TypeSynonymInstances: yes
NondecreasingIndentation: yes
ConstrainedClassMethods: yes
ConstraintKinds: yes
DefaultSignatures: yes
DeriveFoldable: yes
DeriveFunctor: yes
DeriveTraversable: yes
EmptyDataDecls: yes
EmptyDataDeriving: yes
HexFloatLiterals: yes
ImportQualifiedPost: yes
InstanceSigs: yes
KindSignatures: yes
LiberalTypeSynonyms: yes
NamedFieldPuns: yes
  (I don't personally like this, but I can't justify having
  RecordWildcards but not having this)
NegativeLiterals: yes
NumDecimals: yes
PolyKinds: yes
PostfixOperators: yes
UnicodeSyntax: yes
  (but only the language extension, not the UI changes)

## Extensions that are implied by others, or are irrelevant:

GADTSyntax: yes
ExplicitForAll: yes
MonadFailDesugaring: irrelevant
MonoLocalBinds: yes

## Extensions that are deprecated or exist for legacy reasons:

DatatypeContexts: no
NPlusKPatterns: no
CUSKs: no
NoPatternGuards: no
ForeignFunctionInterface: yes
  (already implied by Haskell2010, why do we have this but
NullaryTypeClasses: no
OverlappingInstances: no
IncoherentInstances: no
TypeInType: no

## No to extensions that are too new to include in GHC2021:

QualifiedDo: no
LinearTypes: no
BlockArguments: no
LexicalNegation: no
QuantifiedConstraints: no
StandaloneKindSignatures: yes
  (changed to yes because it's needed to replace CUSKs)
StarIsType: yes
  (changed to yes following discussion)

## No to extensions that are opt-in by design:

ApplicativeDo: no
  (can lead to non-deterministic behaviour with non-rule-abiding
  Applicative instances)
PackageImports: no
CPP: no
DeriveLift: no
  (only makes sense with TemplateHaskell, which is opt-in)
TemplateHaskell: no
TemplateHaskellQuotes: no
QuasiQuotes: no
RebindableSyntax: no
Safe: no
Strict: no
StrictData: no
Trustworthy: no
Unsafe: no
ExtendedDefaultRules: no
NoImplicitPrelude: no

## No to unsafe extensions:

UndecidableInstances: no
UndecidableSuperClasses: no

## No to low-level extensions, not intended to be on by default:

UnboxedTuples: no
UnboxedSums: no
MagicHash: no
UnliftedFFITypes: no
UnliftedNewtypes: no
GHCForeignImportPrim: no
InterruptibleFFI: no

## No to record-related extensions

Records are in flux, let's not do any of this in GHC2021.

DisambiguateRecordFields: no
DuplicateRecordFields: no
NoTraditionalRecordSyntax: no
OverloadedLabels: no

## The rest

That leaves some tricky ones, I'm putting all these as "no" or
"maybe"; we could conservatively just say "no" to all of them.

I'm voting NO on these:

Arrows: no
  (not widely used)
ImplicitParams: no
  (not widely used; questionable semantics; functionality available
  with reflection package)
ImpredicativeTypes: no
  (I don't think we want this on by default, right?)
ParallelListComp: no
  (not widely used, most uses are covered by zip)
StaticPointers: no
  (quite a niche extension, only really useful with Distributed Haskell)
TransformListComp: no
  (not widely used)
ViewPatterns: no
  (not widely used, and in my opinion not a good design)
DeriveAnyClass: no
  (see discussion on the mailing list)

Undecided (later resolved):

AllowAmbiguousTypes: no
TypeApplications: yes
CApiFFI: no
  (harmless, but a bit niche)
DerivingVia: no
  (not very widely-used, quite new)
DerivingStrategies: no
  (not very widely-used, quite new)
FunctionalDependencies: no
  (slightly inclined to "no", given the overlap
  with TypeFamilies and the lack of widespread usage)
ExplicitNamespaces: no
  (might change, so defer?)
MonadComprehensions: no
  (does this make error messages worse?)
NamedWildCards: yes
NumericUnderscores: no
OverloadedLists: no
  (impact on error messages?)
PartialTypeSignatures: yes
RecursiveDo: no
  (but introduced by a keyword so relatively harmless)
RoleAnnotations: no
  (not widely used, but when you need it you need it)
TypeFamilyDependencies: no
  (not widely used, but when you need it you need it)
TypeOperators: no

On Mon, 7 Dec 2020 at 18:17, Joachim Breitner <mail at joachim-breitner.de>

> Dear Committe,
> it’s been two weeks since we started voting. We are still short one
> vote (Cale, release the suspsense!). But also, there are still plenty
> of “maybes” in your vote. I encourage you to change them to yes or no
> (at least for those extensions that are near the edge), so that we have
> more clarity on which extensions are actually worth spending emails on.
> As always, the table
> https://github.com/ghc-proposals/ghc-proposals/blob/ghc2021/proposals/0000-ghc2021.rst#data
> has the current data. (And even even got community contributions to
> improve its readability. Yay!)
> We discussed many extensions on (and I might have missed some):
>  * The innnocence of PostfixOperators was pointed out, and widely
>    appreciated
>  * Joachim pleads for UnicodeSyntax
>  * InstanceSigs worries seems to have been addressed, it’s on its way
>    in
>  * Whether OverloadedString is harmless enough.
>  * Whether ViewPatterns are good enough (given that alternative ideas
>    exist)
>  * That ForeignFunctionInterfaces is actually part of Haskell2010
>  * That this isn’t quite the right time to ditch StarIsType
>  * CUSKs vs. StandaloneKindSignatures
>  * BlockArguments is liked by some, but may be too new
>  * GADTs were advocated for a lot, but also a bit against, so not
>    uncontroversial
>  * Same with ExistentialQuantification
>  * PolyKinds were advocated for (and got many votes)
>  * ScopedTypeVariables is wanted on by default by some,
>    despite the fact that nobody believes it’s the last
>    word on that design corner. Alejandro argues that it’s
>    ok to include it even if it will change in GHC202X again,
>    but elsewhere SPJ says that GHC2021 should only include extensions
>    we have reason to hope are stable and stay around .
>  * Arnaud wonders about the hesitation to include
>    FunctionalDependencies
> Applying the actual quota of ⅔ out of 11, i.e. 8 votes, these would go
> in no matter how Cale votes:
>    BangPatterns, BinaryLiterals, ConstrainedClassMethods,
>    ConstraintKinds, DeriveDataTypeable, DeriveFoldable, DeriveFunctor,
>    DeriveGeneric, DeriveLift, DeriveTraversable, EmptyCase,
>    EmptyDataDecls, EmptyDataDeriving, ExplicitForAll, FlexibleContexts,
>    FlexibleInstances, GADTSyntax, GeneralisedNewtypeDeriving,
>    HexFloatLiterals, ImportQualifiedPost, InstanceSigs, KindSignatures,
>    MultiParamTypeClasses, NamedFieldPuns, NumericUnderscores,
>    PolyKinds, PostfixOperators, RankNTypes, StandaloneDeriving,
>    StarIsType, TypeApplications, TypeOperators, TypeSynonymInstances
> The following have 7 votes, which is the quorum based on 10 ballots:
>    ExistentialQuantification, ForeignFunctionInterface, MonoLocalBinds,
>    NegativeLiterals, RecordWildCards, StandaloneKindSignatures,
>    TypeFamilies
> And these are one vote short:
>    DataKinds, DerivingStrategies, GADTs, NamedWildCards,
>    ScopedTypeVariables, TupleSections, UnicodeSyntax, ViewPatterns
> Not sure how useful the list of symmetric difference report is, but
> here it is:
> alejandro
> would miss:
> DataKinds, DerivingStrategies, FunctionalDependencies, GADTs,
> LambdaCase, MonadFailDesugaring, NamedWildCards,
> NoMonomorphismRestriction, NullaryTypeClasses, NumDecimals,
> OverloadedLists, OverloadedStrings, ScopedTypeVariables, TupleSections,
> UnicodeSyntax, ViewPatterns
> doesn’t want:
> none!
> arnaud
> would miss:
> Arrows, DerivingStrategies, ExplicitNamespaces, FunctionalDependencies,
> GADTs, MonadFailDesugaring, PartialTypeSignatures,
> TypeFamilyDependencies, ViewPatterns
> doesn’t want:
> ExistentialQuantification, ImportQualifiedPost, InstanceSigs,
> NamedFieldPuns, PolyKinds, RankNTypes, RecordWildCards,
> StandaloneKindSignatures, TypeSynonymInstances
> eric
> would miss:
> DataKinds, DefaultSignatures, DisambiguateRecordFields,
> ExplicitNamespaces, FunctionalDependencies, GADTs, MonadFailDesugaring,
> NamedWildCards, OverloadedLists, OverloadedStrings,
> PartialTypeSignatures, PatternSynonyms, RoleAnnotations,
> ScopedTypeVariables, TypeFamilyDependencies
> doesn’t want:
> EmptyDataDeriving, ForeignFunctionInterface
> iavor
> would miss:
> BlockArguments, CApiFFI, MultiWayIf, NoMonomorphismRestriction,
> NullaryTypeClasses, ParallelListComp, RecursiveDo, UnicodeSyntax,
> UnliftedNewtypes
> doesn’t want:
> ConstrainedClassMethods, EmptyCase, ExplicitForAll, GADTSyntax,
> GeneralisedNewtypeDeriving, InstanceSigs, KindSignatures,
> MonoLocalBinds, NegativeLiterals, PolyKinds, StandaloneKindSignatures,
> StarIsType, TypeApplications, TypeFamilies, TypeOperators
> joachim
> would miss:
> DataKinds, DerivingStrategies, DerivingVia, LambdaCase, NamedWildCards,
> NondecreasingIndentation, RoleAnnotations, TupleSections,
> UnicodeSyntax, UnliftedFFITypes, UnliftedNewtypes
> doesn’t want:
> ConstrainedClassMethods, ExistentialQuantification,
> TypeSynonymInstances
> richard
> would miss:
> BlockArguments, DefaultSignatures, DerivingStrategies, DerivingVia,
> DisambiguateRecordFields, ExplicitNamespaces, LexicalNegation,
> NamedWildCards, NumDecimals, ParallelListComp, RoleAnnotations,
> TemplateHaskellQuotes, TupleSections, UnicodeSyntax, UnliftedNewtypes,
> ViewPatterns
> doesn’t want:
> MonoLocalBinds, NegativeLiterals, RecordWildCards, TypeFamilies
> simonm
> would miss:
> DataKinds, DefaultSignatures, GADTs, LambdaCase, LiberalTypeSynonyms,
> MultiWayIf, NoMonomorphismRestriction, NondecreasingIndentation,
> NumDecimals, OverloadedStrings, PatternSynonyms, ScopedTypeVariables,
> TupleSections, UnicodeSyntax
> doesn’t want:
> DeriveLift, NumericUnderscores, TypeApplications, TypeOperators
> spj
> would miss:
> NoMonomorphismRestriction, NullaryTypeClasses, OverloadedLists,
> OverloadedStrings, ParallelListComp, RecursiveDo, RoleAnnotations,
> ScopedTypeVariables, ViewPatterns
> doesn’t want:
> ForeignFunctionInterface, GeneralisedNewtypeDeriving, NegativeLiterals,
> RecordWildCards, TypeFamilies
> tom
> would miss:
> BlockArguments, DataKinds, DefaultSignatures, DerivingStrategies,
> DerivingVia, DisambiguateRecordFields, DuplicateRecordFields,
> ExplicitNamespaces, FunctionalDependencies, GADTs, LambdaCase,
> LexicalNegation, LiberalTypeSynonyms, MagicHash, MultiWayIf,
> NamedWildCards, NullaryTypeClasses, NumDecimals, PackageImports,
> ParallelListComp, QuasiQuotes, RoleAnnotations, ScopedTypeVariables,
> TemplateHaskell, TemplateHaskellQuotes, TupleSections,
> TypeFamilyDependencies, UnboxedSums, UnboxedTuples, UnicodeSyntax,
> UnliftedNewtypes, ViewPatterns
> doesn’t want:
> ForeignFunctionInterface, MonoLocalBinds, StarIsType
> vitaly
> would miss:
> DataKinds, DerivingStrategies, DerivingVia, GADTs, LambdaCase,
> MonadFailDesugaring, NamedWildCards, OverloadedLists,
> OverloadedStrings, ScopedTypeVariables, TupleSections, ViewPatterns
> doesn’t want:
> ExistentialQuantification, StandaloneKindSignatures
> Cheers,
> Joachim
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